2nd Annual
Urban Transport and Mobility Europe 2012

06 - 07 November 2012, Prague, Czech Republic

Essa Al Dossari


RTA, United Arab Emirates

Executive Summary
Mr. Essa Al Dossari is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Public Transport Agency (PTA) of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in the Emirate of Dubai. Being the CEO of Public Transport, Mr. Al Dossari is responsible for running all the facets of the public transport in the Emirate of Dubai. This covers the responsibility of studying requirements of public transport in various areas of the Emirate of Dubai, including public buses, marine transport, taxi regulations and policies; inter-emirates transport, and participate in the governmental activities and events.
Since the establishment of RTA in November, 2005, Mr. Al Dossari contributed in establishing RTA, and he has been playing a pivotal role in re-shaping the transportation industry in Dubai in line with the highest international standards and best practice. When he moved from Dubai Municipality to RTA in 2005, Mr. Al Dossari brought with him more than fifteen years of executive experience and helped RTA senior management build a world-class integrated transportation system. He utilized his research and strategic planning skills to develop specifications for the various transportation modes taking into consideration Dubai’s specific transportation demands and challenges with respect to culture, economy, demography, infrastructure, etc…
Being recognized as a high potential employee, Mr. Al Dossari’s career has witnessed remarkable growth. He started as a fresh graduate trainee in the transportation industry in 1991 and earned promotion after promotion to become a CEO in 2006, at the age of thirty eight. This multi-fold leap was attributed to Mr. Al Dossari’s effective management and leadership skills as well as his willingness to assume more responsibilities and to address challenges through hard work, self development, dedication, perseverance, teamwork and organizational loyalty.

Professional Experience
As soon as Mr. Al Dossari completed his higher education in 1991, he joined Dubai Municipality as an Administrative Officer to be promoted in 1995 to Assistant Head of Operations Section in the Public Transport Department and to Head Operations Section in 1999, during which period he was also a member of Dubai Metro for three years, since the establishment of the metro till signing the contract.  Only a year later he was promoted to Assistant Director of Operations Department, then to Director of Licensing Department. In May 2006, Mr. Al Dossari was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Marine Agency and a member of the Board of Directors of the Roads and Transport Authority. In 2007, Mr. Al Dossari became the CEO of Public Transport Agency to date.

Academic Qualifications
Mr. Al Dossari completed his higher education in “Industrial Management and Technology” from Central Michigan University in the United Sates in 1991. He reinforced his academic education with a number of high profile management and leadership development programs as well as transportation related training courses, conferences and forums.

Professional Memberships

  •     Member of the Higher Committee of Swimming World Championship.
  •     Head of the Public Transport Development Committee.
  •     Member of the Technical Committee of Dubai Metro Project (2003-2005).
  •     Member of RTA Leaders Team.
  •     Member of the Gulf Road Engineering Society.
  •     Member of the Higher Committee of Transport in world Bank Monetary Fund in the year 2003.
  •     Head of Public Transport Day Committee.
  •     RTA Board Member
  •     Member of RTA Excellence Council
  •     Member of the Higher Committee of FINA Swimming World Cup 2011.

Awards and Achievements

  •     Developing Abras’ shape and safety features without destroying its heritage value.
  •     Transforming the diesel engine to CNG technology to reduce pollutions produced by buses and marine transport.
  •     Contributing to ISO 14001 and 18001 and obtaining ISO 9001 Certificate.
  •     Developing the specifications of buses, metro and marine transport to accommodate Dubai climatic and population requirements.
  •     Representing Dubai Government in more than 40 official missions outside the country through participating in conferences, seminars, lectures, official meetings and benchmarking visits.
  •     Owner of the Water Taxi, Water Bus and Dubai Ferry idea
  •     The winner of the  best customer service agency award in 2008
  •     The winner of the best cost reducing agency award in 2009
  •     Signing commercial contracts in order to verify the incomes of transport sector.
  •     PASS 55 Certification Award – 2011.
  •     Emirates Group Appreciation Letter 2011.
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